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Mental & Emotional Health
September 2, 2015

4 Ways to beat anger

There’s nothing quite like our emotions. Our feelings don’t make us who we are, but they can shape the way we react to people around us. On any given day you’ll experience varying degrees of happiness, sadness, excitement, fear and anger, and knowing how to manage them is an a vital key to maintaining relationships and your profession. When it comes to emotions that need controlling, anger tops the list, so let’s take a look ways you can calm yourself – without hitting someone in the face with a coffee mug. Breathe. No jokes, breathing really does help. And it’s…
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Love & Relationship
May 10, 2015

Mothers’ Day – Mom’s the word!

If you had to choose just one, what’s the most important thing your Mom’s ever given you (besides life, of course)? Something she said, or did, that had a major positive impact on your life? Or, in what ways are you just like her? Did you inherit her eyes, her laugh or the shape of her body? (more…)
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Healthy LifestyleSafety
April 10, 2015

Your tick-list for a great night out

So, your 2nd term is on its way. But for now, it’s holiday! It’s time to recharge, catch up with friends and have some fun, before you get back to work. Whether you’re planning a road trip or rock out with One Republic in June, here’s how to keep the awesome times rolling. (more…)
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Men's Health
April 9, 2015

Getting your man to see the doctor

Sure, he’ll go to the doctor, but only if something is broken. Like an arm or a leg! He’s not being more stubborn than any other man – it’s just that getting check-ups before something happens, doesn’t really occur to men below the age of 40. (more…)
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Love & Relationship
February 14, 2015

5 Reasons why love ROCKS!

Being in love and feeling as though you’re the only couple in the world is great, and now it turns out *that* feeling is actually really good for your health too. It boosts your mind and body, and it can help prevent diseases and infections. Bonus! Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why love is so good for your health: It keeps your heart happy and healthy. Fact: people who are in love, or experience it, literally have stronger heart muscles and healthier arteries. It eases stress. It takes just one good hug from a loved one…
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Mental & Emotional Health
December 25, 2014

Tell us about your family traditions

Does your family have a tradition? Think about it before you answer – it can be anything you do that brings your family closer, strengthening bonds. Remember, there’s no limit on a tradition and this is the time to create an exciting, fun ritual that really shows that you’re a FAMILY. You’d be amazed at the health benefits that this brings with it. Here’s a guide to creating a new family tradition!’ (more…)
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Sexual Health
December 4, 2014

Is masturbation bad?

Do you think about sex often? Be honest. It’s completely normal for you to want to have sex (or not!) and it’s also normal, not to mention common, to please yourself from time to time. Masturbation is a healthy part of life and, while we know it isn’t exactly a conversation starter at cocktail parties, we do get a lot of questions about it on Hello Doctor. Here are some answers: (more…)
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