10 bad habits that can damage your teeth

By February 24, 2020Teeth & gums

Certain habits and lifestyle choices wreak havoc on your teeth English for a proficiency lecture. Here’s how you can put these habits to rest.

1. Fizzy and sports drinks

Fizzy drinks are packed with sugar that leaves a coat of acid on the enamel of your teeth.
What to do instead: Stay hydrated with fresh water; add fresh or frozen fruit for a bit of flavour.

2. Eating sticky and sugary treats

Sugary, chewy and gummy sweets stick around and between your teeth. These attract bacteria which contributes to tooth decay.
What to do instead: Try crunchy fruit and veggies, like apples or carrots. While you chew, your mouth produces more saliva, which helps to rinse away sticky residue.

3. Using your teeth as a tool

This may be a convenient way to crack open certain things but using your teeth as a tool can cause them to chip or crack.
What to do instead: Use your hands, a bottle opener or scissors instead.

4. Smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco

Cigarettes and tobacco products can stain your teeth, cause gum and periodontal disease, tooth decay and tooth loss
What to do instead: Talk to your doctor about finding ways to help you quit.

5. Chewing on ice, pens and pencils

Mindlessly nibbling at a pen when you’re concentrating or chomping on ice after your cold drink can crack or chip your teeth, irritate the soft tissue inside teeth and cause regular toothaches.
What to do instead: Chew sugar-free chewing gum instead.

6. Grinding teeth

Stress and sleeping habits can cause teeth grinding, which wear teeth down over time.
What to do instead: Wear a mouth guard at night to protect your teeth and reduce mouth pain.

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7. Brushing too hard

Firm bristles and brushing aggressively can damage teeth and irritate gums.
What to do instead: Choose a brush with soft bristles and replace it every 3 months. This lowers the risk fo creating an environment for nasty bacteria to grow on your brush bristles.

8. Playing sports without a mouthguard

A hit to the mouth can cause chipped or loose teeth when you play contact sport without a mouthguard.
What to do instead: Get a mouth guard at your local pharmacy or talk to your dentist about a custom-made one.

9. Nail-Biting

Regularly biting your nails can cause your teeth to move out of place, potentially cause teeth to break or tooth enamel to splinter.
What to do instead: Carry a nail clipper for convenience.

10. Eating too much fruit

Some diets promote eating large amounts of fruit, but it might be doing damage to your pearly whites. Acid causes tooth enamel to wear down and exposes your teeth and gums to sensitivity.
What to do instead: Eat fruit in moderation and learn which fruits contain more sugar and acid. Also, be sure to visit the dentist twice a year.