10 May is World Move for Health Day!

World Move for Health Day is a global initiative which focuses on nutrition, lifestyle, activity and health – clearly Download the Camping Club! The aim is to get whole countries moving – literally – by encouraging participation in sports events, and promoting healthy behaviour and lifestyles.

So, this is your chance to commit to being fit! Join the global initiative to improve your diet and increase your physical activity. All you need to do to get started is get moving! Go for a walk or run, join a gym or a yoga class, go dancing or swimming, or just commit to taking the stairs, not the lift. Whatever you do though, do it for at least 20 minutes, and try and do it every day. The health benefits are immeasurable!

A lot of gyms, healthcare providers and insurers will be offering incentives, so find out what yours is offering, get off the couch and make every move count!

Taking part in World Move for Health Day is great, but don’t make exercise a once-a-year event. Make the commitment to staying in shape year-round!

Are you ready to commit to your future health?

Source: http://www.tum2mom.co.za/development-summaries/221-world-move-for-health-day

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