10 ways to prep for festival season

Whether you’re into ground-vibrating trance music or soulful jazz, festival season has something for everyone.  To enjoy it to its full potential, keep your health in check for the party ahead.

1. Stay hydrated

You may think booze in paper cups and the occasional caffeine run will be enough to keep you going on your festival weekend, but water will keep you buzzing more than any beer can. Dehydration causes dizziness, headaches and in some cases, loss of consciousness, so if you want to continue jumping around to your favourite tunes without a hiccough, pack plenty of water and suss out the closest water stops.

2. Fuel up

The food that you eat amounts to the total of energy you will have for your fun weekend ahead, so munch wisely. Bring your own food options along to ensure that your digestion and energy levels are kept in check. Great options are nuts, oats and dried fruit. Tinned foods are great because they come with a container to eat from. Use cooler bags to pack in fruits, veggies and other fresh foods.

3. Catch some Zs

You might feel vibrant and alive while you’re belting it out with everyone else to that song that touches your soul but if you don’t get enough sleep you’ll be burnt out before the next track. Bring along earplugs to ensure that you can grab a few hours of sleep to reboot for the next jam session and resist the temptation to party all night long.

4. Grab some shade

Everyone loves a golden summer tan, but getting roasted is not the best idea. Bring along a good hat, sunscreen and appropriate clothes for different heat levels. Besides sunburn, you should also keep the danger of heat stroke in mind, so keep a hat or umbrella close at all times.

5. Pop your pills

It’s easy to forget to take your prescription pills in between partying, so set up schedules for yourself to follow.  Set an alarm, write it on your arm or ask your friends to remind you.

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6. Watch the booze

You can have great time without alcohol, but if you want a drink, try to limit yourself.  Excessive drinking of alcohol and caffeine may increase your anxiety levels and dehydration – not what you want at a festival!

7. Stay regular

Your favourite feel-good jams are playing and the atmosphere is magical, as everyone sways their arms in the air. You would be having the time of your life, if you weren’t suffering from indigestion, courtesy of that oily burger you had for lunch, as well as standing in bathroom queues. Snack on prunes and chia seeds, drink apple and orange juice and use the bathroom when you need to, to keep your tummy happy.

8. Take a break

Being in a crowd full of people, with loud music and incessant excitement can be draining for most people. Be sure to sneak in a break between the partying. Sit alone under a tree, take a nap in your tent or lay on the grass and cloud gaze.

9. Make friends

If your friends aren’t into the festival scene, strike up a conversation with some of your fellow music enthusiasts to make a festival buddy. Making friends will not only mean your experience is more enjoyable, but if anything happens concerning your health or safety, you are better off in numbers.

10. Map it out

Before you start your music adventure, study your surroundings. Research the available food stands, find the bathrooms, performance areas and spots for tents. Use a map if it is available or walk around to form a map in your head.

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