10 ways to rejuvenate your sex life

Is romance with your partner a thing of the past rix 모던 고딕 b 폰트 다운로드? Has the excitement and passion left the bedroom? Have the flames been doused?

Sexual attraction can be hard to maintain over time. Think back to the day you made a vow to your partner and the rush of falling in love; you may not be able to capture that exact feeling, but there are ways to rekindle the passion.

1. Will you be my date?

Find time in your busy schedule and set aside moments for your loved one. Take a day off from work and dedicate it to them.  Ask them out on a date. Act like you did when you first got together. You don’t have to keep this up all the time, but creating special moments to “date” will go a long way in sparking your fire.

2. Get touchy

Human beings crave touch. It makes us feel good, loved and comforted. Any sort of touch and hug releases chemicals that produce a calming sensation. Physical affection lowers stress hormones too. So, go ahead, hold hands, touch your partner and let those hormones come out to play. Buy some massage oil, and setup a romantic evening, where you treat your partner to a full-body massage.

3. Take the lead

You don’t always have to wait for your partner to initiate sex. Surprise them by taking control and creating a little drama. This creates a thrill and a good build-up to a passionate night!

4. Leave the worries behind

Discuss your daily worries and stresses during dinner time or while watching TV. Make your bedroom your intimate sanctuary, do your best not to chat about mundane or stressful topics in there.

5. Get creative

Explore new ways of getting to know your partner. Try things that will enhance your sexual desire and intimacy. Introduce role playing. Go on a fun date leading up to the special night, or dress in a way that’s new and daring (if you’re comfortable). Be affectionate and communicate with your partner on your needs and wants.

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6. A little tension goes a long way…

Create a romantic set-up and don’t rush into things. Anticipation is the tantalising key to an unforgettable night. Take time during foreplay.

7. Keep flirting

Flirting is one of the key components in keeping the spark alive. Send those risky texts and pictures during the day. Remind your partner why they were attracted to you – and still are!

8. Share your fantasies

Invite your partner into your world by sharing your needs and wants; this will make things spicier and innovative in the bedroom.

9. Soul to soul

Make your relationship a priority. You are a team, and decision-making should be mutual. Create couple rituals and daily check-in time. Involve your partner in everything you are faced with daily. This allows you to bond over something that could potentially bring you closer again. Don’t forget to still cheer each other on.

10. Ask the expert

Sex therapy is not reserved for couples who struggle in their relationship: it can help you spice up a healthy, but slightly mundane routine. It will help you get to the root of some blockages in your relationship. With you and your partner’s help in trying to resolve your bedroom matters, the therapist can bring a fresh perspective that will surprise you both.