3 Common oral diseases

By September 12, 2014Teeth & gums

Finally got your pearly whites 투애니원 다운로드? Now let’s work on keeping them healthy and disease-free. You might not know it, but there are many conditions that affect you teeth, gums and mouth. Here are three very common conditions that you should keep an eye out for.

Dental cavities

You hear about these all the time on toothpaste adverts. They’re essentially holes in your teeth that are caused by tooth decay. This is usually a result of eating too much sugar and starch and not practicing daily dental hygiene – brushing, flossing and rinsing. When food gets stuck between your teeth – and you don’t remove it – it will lead to plaque, which hurts the enamel on your teeth. Overtime this corrodes your teeth causing a cavity. There’s no way to reverse the process, but you can get them filled if you go to a dentist. Prevent cavities by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day.

Gum disease

Remember the plaque we spoke about earlier? Well it doesn’t just cause tooth decay, it’s also the major cause of gum disease. When plaque is left behind and hardens it becomes tartar, which can then only be removed by a dentist. The longer the plaque and tartar stay on your teeth, the more troublesome they become. If left alone, the bacteria could cause gingivitis, a form of gum disease. This leads to swollen gums that bleed easily. To fix it, simply visit your dentist for a proper cleanse and stick to basic oral hygiene.


Bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis, has quite a few causes. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene – this includes brushing and flossing. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, like smoking, can also contribute to bad breath. However, if you’re constantly plagued by bad breath, then it could be caused by dry mouth, gingivitis or periodontitis (an advanced form of gingivitis). Visit your dentist for an accurate diagnosis and have your mouth cleaned. Then make sure you setup an appointment every 6 months for a quick check-up.

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Remember, you only get 2 sets of teeth your entire life – your milk teeth and your adult teeth. Make sure to take care of them and keep them healthy.