3 Foods to avoid before training

If you work out regularly and are following (or trying to follow) a strict diet, you’ll know which foods you should be eating before working out, and these will probably include: low fat, low fibre and moderate carbohydrate foods SuperBad 3. You know, the right balance to help energise your workout and enable you to push that extra mile.

But what about foods you should avoid before training? Reaching for the wrong snack pre-workout could leave you running for the toilet, or reaching for a pack of antacids – both of which are more than likely going to cut your workout short. Here’s what you should be avoiding:

Heavy Carbohydrates

Any heavy carbohydrates (pasta and potatoes especially,) rich, creamy, spicy or fried food. This generally means last night’s leftovers or that quick pit-stop you tend to make at your favourite takeaway en route to the gym.


Who would have thought?! It sounds like the perfect, light pre-gym meal. Except it’s not. Lettuce, raw broccoli, cabbage and other high-fibre veggies are common sources of gas, bloating and discomfort. So, rather save the salad for your post-workout lunch or dinner.

Fizzy drinks

Soft drinks, beer, and even sparkling water cause some bloating and gas for most people – so stick to plain water and avoid any potential embarrassment while you’re lifting weights or doing squats. If you’re looking for a quick energy boost pre-workout, have a black coffee. It’s better for you than any fizzy drink, plus it’s less likely to wreak havoc on your stomach.

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Ultimately you need to listen to what your body’s telling you, and while some people will be more tolerant of certain foods pre-workout, others will have a bad reaction. In general though, the food types we’ve mentioned here are best avoided in the hours leading up to a moderate or heavy workout.