3 Vital secrets about flu

Winter is here Libvirt! Warm clothes, an excuse to wear that scarf, hot chocolate and nights in front of the fire sound really great, and they are! However, it’s also the season when viruses declare war on your immune system. This year we bring you 3 key secrets to preventing and beating the nasty influenza virus.

1. Rest really is the best medicine

Do you think rest is for the weak? Guess again! Bedrest is one of the best weapons against the flu. The only way to beat the flu is to let your immune system do all the work. However, if you’re not resting, your body needs to fight the infection AND do whatever it is you’re doing. So it’s best to rest and speed up your recovery.

2. Try not to spread it around

Did you know that you can still pass on the flu virus even after the symptoms are gone? Yes, you’re still technically infectious for 5 – 7 days, even though you feel much better. What should you do for these few days? If your doctor has already booked you off, stay in bed so your body can fight the virus a little more. If you’re not booked off, ask if you can work from home or take another sick day. If you can’t, then don’t feel too bad if someone else gets sick, you did try your best.

3. Strengthen your immune system

If you want to prevent Flu, you need to make sure your immune system is strong. Even if you catch a cold, supporting your immunity can help that it doesn’t last too long.

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Take about 1000mg of Vit C daily; make sure you get at least 6 – 7 hours of sleep a night, and try to stay fit throughout the winter. By moving, your blood pumps through your system, your immune-cells are more energised, and your internal ‘security’ is much more alert – catching the virus before it wreaks havoc.

So, are you geared-up and ready to tackle the flu this winter? If it hasn’t caught you yet, make a plan to get your flu-shot: you don’t want to spend your student-holiday in bed, now, do you?!

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Source: sfdcp.org