4 Hot tips to soothe those winter joints

You don’t need a weather report to know that winter’s coming – the twinge in that old knee injury already warns you Free visual studio 2019. And you aren’t imagining it: research shows that a drop in temperature can lead to more aches and pains. Here are some practical ways to manage your discomfort this winter.

Food and drink make a difference

Warm drinks help keep your body warm, and keeping your body warm will help alleviate joint pain. Don’t go for too much caffeine, but opt for tea and a hearty winter-soup. To further strengthen your bones, and decrease your risk of osteoporosis. the Arthritis Foundation also recommends a  diet rich in calcium. That doesn’t just mean milk – think salmon, yoghurt, broccoli or figs.

Keep your weight down

While it’s natural to want to eat more when it gets colder, excess weight puts pressure on joints already under strain. Shedding those extra kilo’s is especially important if you’re suffering from joint pain.

Flex those joints

It’s tempting to stay warm inside when the weather is cold and grey, but staying inactive can cause joint pain to flare up. You need regular movement to keep joints lubricated! Do stretches, indoor swimming, yoga – anything that you enjoy and can do daily. But listen to your body and don’t overdo it if you are hurting.

Take a warm bath

A hot bath can have real benefits, as long as you’re not also suffering from high blood pressure – if you are, stick to warm water. Add a handful of Epsom salts, which are rich in magnesium. This mineral is also important for bone and heart health.

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The pain will pass

When weather-related pain strikes, it isn’t a permanent change and it will change when the weather lifts. Research is ongoing, but the discomfort is caused more by barometric pressure, than the actual cold. As soon as the pressure lightens, you should feel the pain reduce. Just keep warm, and do those gentle stretches