4 More weird medical facts

We may think we know ourselves better than everyone else, but that doesn’t always mean we know or understand our bodies 계약서 다운로드. Are you ready to find out some more weird facts about your body?

You are taller in the morning!

Your height is one of those things that just doesn’t change after you’ve hit a certain age. No cream, exercise or medicine can make you taller.

Surgery is possible, but it’s painful, expensive and comes with complications. There is one time that you are taller though, and it’s right after you climb out of bed. When you sleep, the little cushions filled with fluid, between the of your spine are repaired. This makes your spine slightly longer, giving you a few centimetres of height. As the day goes on, the fluid reduces and your spine shortens a little bit.

Certain nails grow faster than others

Need a manicure? Some nails need more work than others, because they don’t all grow at the same speed. The nails on your longer fingers grow faster, and the nails on your dominant hand grow faster than the other. So, if you’re right handed, the nail on your middle finger will grow faster than all the other nails.

Woman have more blood in their bodies when pregnant

This is quite an obvious fact, but we’d take a guess and say that you’ve never thought about it before. According to studies, healthy pregnant women with an average sized baby will have 50% more blood; this is needed for placenta and uterus.

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Not all bones are connected

Ever heard the song about bones? Maybe this will jog your memory: “The hip bone’s connected to the backbone.” Although the song doesn’t get the name of bones right, it does show that they are all connected, well, except for one. There’s a “throat bone” called the hyoid and it’s not connected to any bone in the body.

Now you know more about your body! These four facts may help break an awkward silence in a chat or help the next time you go for a quiz night.