by Joanne Hart for

Valentine’s day is nearly here, which means you a little bit of time to get yourself in peak condition for that special night initials 5th. What if we told you that some simple, regular exercises could turn your love-life from “Meh, not tonight!” to “I’ll RACE you to the bedroom!”? We aren’t joking! Here are 5 ways to strengthen all the sexiest muscles and build stamina.

Sexercises improve flexibility, strength and stamina in bed. Not only will they impress your partner, but sexercise can get you in peak condition to reach orgasm. Nice.

#1 Kegels

Most women know that doing Kegels helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, but how many men know that Kegels are really good for them too? For men, Kegels can make you last longer in bed, by toning the pubococcygeus muscles. They can also give both guys and girls stronger orgasms. How do I do them? Clench the muscles that get you to stop urinating, starting with clenches that last a few seconds (about 3-5) and working your way up (10-15 seconds). A few reps (5-10) a couple of times a day and you’re good to go.

#2 Crunches.

Classic ab crunches aren’t just good for helping you to burn off stubborn belly fat; they can also fire up your sex-drive. Abs are a critical sex-boosting body area to work on – after all, you use your abdominal muscles during sex. So, start with a few and then increase your repetitions. You’re going to look AND feel good!

#3 Tricep Dips and Bicep Curls.

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Strengthening both biceps and triceps gives you the upper body strength you need to stay comfortable and strong while in the missionary position, and they also give you really sexy arms! For women: upper body strength helps to support you when you’re on top. An added plus: strength training can lead to an increase in testosterone levels, which sparks the sexual drive of both men and women.

#4 Squats.

Squats help women by boosting sexual arousal and getting blood flowing to the genitalia. But who knew that they also help to strengthen the muscles responsible for orgasm, including the pelvic diaphragm and urogenital muscles? This kind of exercise also gets blood flowing to other areas of the body, which helps to boost sex drive. Did we mention that squats also help to tone your legs and butt? And, if you’re feeling adventurous about trying new positions, you’ll need strong legs to keep you going. ;-) Squats are like a gift that just keeps on giving.

#5 Brisk Walk or Run.

A brisk walk in the park or a run can improve blood flow and circulation, and it’s a great reason to have a shower!

When you’re fit, the good times last longer. If you ever needed a good reason to get into some regular exercise, there it is! Start training now – Vaelntine’s Day is only 4 weeks away.