5 Bad breakfast ideas!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Is this true 구글 카나리아 다운로드? While the debate is going on, one thing is certain: breakfast can be the worst meal of the day. It all depends on the contents of that bowl you shovelled down on your way to work. Nope: not all breakfasts are created equal. Here are the bad guys you need to avoid: no matter what time of day it is!

High fibre or whole grain cereals

Sure, that box of cereal says: “whole grain” or “high fibre”, but that may not be all it contains! Highlighting grain or fibre content is often a way to draw your attention away from all the sugar, sodium, artificial flavours and preservatives in the product. If you’re looking for a hit of whole grain and fibre, opt for a home-made bowl of oats with sliced banana!

Store-bought smoothies

Smoothies are only a good breakfast idea if you make your own. Whether they are green, have fruit or vegetable names or appear in the health section of your supermarket fridge, commercial smoothies can contain sugar, preservatives, hidden calories and very little fibre. If smoothies are your favourite thing, get a blender and make your own with a base of frozen fruit, Greek yoghurt and milk.

Starchy carbs

Riding the starch train is another bad breakfast idea. Pancakes, waffles, muffins, croissants or toast may be common choices for the first meal of the day, but you’re looking at all refined flour and practically no fibre. Ok, if you add an egg you’re getting protein, but think about skipping the toast altogether – or opting for one slice of wholegrain seed toast to go with your poached egg.

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Eating too little

Eating a tiny breakfast and a huge supper is really like going backwards when it comes to healthy eating. Smaller breakfasts can lead to larger waistlines! A study published in the journal Obesity showed that big-breakfast eaters lost more weight than big-dinner eaters, and it’s not the only study to show these findings. Researchers believe that we may become more insulin resistant in the afternoon and evening and the body burns fewer calories.


A tot or two of freshly squeezed juice together WITH your breakfast is fine – having nothing but juice to start your day is a bad idea. While fresh and unsweetened juice holds fewer calories than a smoothie, it contains much less protein and fibre, and a lot more natural sugar. So, almost no balance and it will leave you ravenous a few hours later – just about the time you’re walking past the donuts!

Set yourself up for success by steering clear of the bad breakfast trap, and remember: the worst kind of breakfast is no breakfast at all.

Joanne Hart for HelloDoctor.com