5 Strange superstitions about your body

It’s Friday the 13th, and – although we don’t believe in superstitions – many people in the world still do resume form word. In fact, in some countries, superstitions are held to even more than science! So, in the spirit of fun, we collected a few interesting superstitions about the body, from around the world.

  1. In Japan, people believe that you shouldn’t clip your nails after the sun goes down. If you do, you will not have a chance to see your parents before they die.
  2. Does your right hand have an itch? Yay! You will soon get unexpected money…but beware – if it’s your left hand, you’ll lose money unexpectedly. (Or, perhaps, you had a mosquito-bite?)
  3. In Europe, there is a superstition that when you dream that one of your teeth is being pulled out, one of your family members will die. (I wonder if this includes in-laws?)
  4. If you’re an unmarried woman in Indonesia, then you shouldn’t wash your hair on Saturdays, or you will marry a very difficult-to-please man.
  5. Living in Canada? Pregnant? Craving fish? Then you better eat some – if you don’t, your baby will be born with the head of a fish!

Is there anything you believe that may be an old wives’ tale? If you want to fact-check, maybe get hold of one of our doctors. We’d be happy to give you the facts.

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