5 Things companies do to look after employees’ health

Does your company run blood donation drives and offer screening tests, or does your medical aid reward you for exercising 토마토 증권 통 다운로드? These are all aspects of workplace wellness, and signs of a new attitude to health: prevention.

Simply put, workplace wellness is any company health-promotion activity or initiative designed to support healthy behaviour in employees.

Disease threats have changed

Vaccination programmes and improved healthcare mean that many of the diseases that plagued us humans in the past are under control. Instead, our real threat comes from lifestyle illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Over the last ten years we’ve come to realise that the old saying “prevention is better than cure” is the honest truth. If dropping down to your ideal weight gains you ten more years of quality life, it also means less downtime at work – and less cost to everyone.

Why workplace wellness programmes?

The problem is: you spend one third of your life at work! So, any effort to encourage preventative wellness has to include the workplace: it’s pointless to encourage you to exercise three times a week if you’re sitting dead-still for 8 hours at a time, and eating sugared doughnuts.

The law requires that all employees belong to a medical aid, and companies realise that providing reward programmes for workers to do the following five basic steps just makes plenty of business sense:

  1. stop smoking
  2. exercise
  3. eat a healthy diet
  4. get annual check-ups
  5. get regular screening for blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol

For medical insurance companies, the bottom-line was very clear: help people to stay well.

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Keeping employees well AND happy

While reward programmes and annual screening days have become the norm for workers in the corporate world, there are some innovative companies that go beyond the basics. SafariNow is an example: providing healthy meals, subsidising exercise like CrossFit training and arranging regular social events, they invest in every aspect of employees’ wellness.

And it isn’t the exception – there are other companies that offer access to counselling, child-care and exercise facilities. Which makes sense, especially if you’ve invested a lot in your workers. Be well in very area of your life.