5 Unhealthy ‘health’-foods

It’s easy to be taken in by “sugar-free” and other misleading health claims when doing your grocery shopping 구글 카나리아 다운로드. But there are a few common health foods that may not be as healthy as you think.

It has long been hyped as a healthy breakfast option. Too bad most muesli is laden with sugar. Most people also eat way beyond a normal serving size. This means a very high energy and carbohydrate intake, which could spike blood sugar levels. Rolled oats is a better choice. You can also make your own muesli from scratch. This way you can control what goes into your food.

Cereal bars
Cereal bars are no better than a packet of sweets or chocolate. These so-called “vitamin and mineral enriched” snacks are often stuck together with sugar – even ones that claim to be sugar-free. While they may not have added white sugar, they are often made with dried fruits that are high in sugar like dates. They are also very low in nutrients and high in saturated and trans fats.

Keep it simple by snacking on fresh fruit and nuts. Go for low-sugar fruits like raspberries, blueberries, and apples.

Himalayan rock salt
Himalayan rock salt has trace amounts of minerals, which has lead people to think it is a “healthier” salt. It has also been thought to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and strengthen bones, among loads of other health benefits. This means, people are using more of this condiment on their food. Despite its healing properties, it is still salt, and too much salt can be harmful to your health.

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Rather use herbs and spices to add flavour to your food. When you do use salt, make every sprinkle count. Whether it’s Himalayan rock salt, sea salt or table salt, stick to the recommended six grams (one teaspoon) per day.

Cold meats
Lean ham and smoked chicken are quick go-to ideas for those wanting to lower their carbs and increase their intake of protein. Even though they are lean options and lower in saturated fat, cold meats have been shown to increase the risk for cancer. Salting, curing, and preserving causes the build-up of carcinogenic chemicals in food. Play it safe and opt for roast chicken or meat.

Gluten-free foods
Gluten-free foods are just as unhealthy as their gluten-containing counterparts, if not worse. They are highly processed, low in nutrients, and often made with refined starches that lead to very rapid spikes in blood sugar. Choose foods that are naturally gluten-free like fruits and vegetables.

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