5 Ways to de-stress for free

Do you know how to de-stress? Today we’re talking about practical, easy ways you can manage stress on a daily basis. The idea is to put some space aside in your daily planner for de-stressing – say, 20 minutes a day – and turn it into a healthy habit. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Get enough sleep. Research shows that lack of sleep increases your stress-levels, and it can stress the body more than anything else you do. Make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night for best effect. To help you sleep at night reduce the amount of stimulating foods, such as sugar, caffeine and alcohol, that you consume every day, and stay away from your computer or smart phone just before bedtime as they can interfere with your ability to sleep.
  2. Take a short break every day where you stop and do nothing. Take a 10-minute nap, or sit back in your chair, eyes closed, and do nothing for a few minutes. It’s an effective way to refresh your whole body system.
  3. Take a 20-30 minute walk outside every day, and focus on your breathing – take good, deep breaths.
  4. Factor in some offline-time. Plan for at least one day each week when you don’t even switch on the television or the computer. Instead: spend time with friends, go swimming, running or hiking, clean out a cupboard, cook a good meal for yourself or volunteer to help someone.
  5. Put yourself on a spending diet. Stay away from online shopping sites, shopping malls and other crowded venues. Rather spend this time with yourself – thinking about your dreams and goals, and use it as time to assess and make plans for your life.
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Try these and, in a couple of months, let us know how much the plan’s helped you to cope with day-to-day stress!

Joanne Hart for HelloDoctor.com

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