6 super spices to stock at home

Whole and ground spices don’t just add flavour to your favourite soup, stew or curry – it turns out that a lot of them have amazing health benefits too android url 이미지. Here are the top 6 spices to keep stocked at home – how many of them do you use?

1. Ginger: It adds a fresh and unique taste to dishes, but it can also relieve symptoms of bloating, heartburn, colds, nausea, migraines and morning sickness – especially when sipped as a ginger tea. And as an additional bonus: you can wrap it and store it in the freezer – it should keep for around a month.

2. Chillis and Paprika (red pepper): Paprika is a great addition to most tomato and meat dishes, but did you know it can also relieve aches and pains? This is because red peppers are loaded with certain compounds which help block your brain’s pain signals.

3. Cinnamon: Whether you sprinkle it on pancakes or coffee, or add it to spicy tagines or curries – cinnamon is a popular spice with a wide range of health benefits. It’s been linked to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, a strengthened cardiovascular system and it can help relieve painful period cramps.

4. Turmeric: This bright yellow spice has natural painkiller and disinfectant properties, can help prevent type 2 diabetes, and it could slow the progression of certain cancers. It’s also often used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat depression.

5. Nutmeg: The ultimate crossover spice! Nutmeg is used to season both sweet and savoury dishes. There’s much more to it than that though, it’s also used to help treat inflammation, abdominal pain and tooth ache. And if you’re struggling to sleep at night, sip on a mug of warm milk with honey and nutmeg – it’ll help you relax.

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6. Cumin: Just the distinctive smell of cumin is believed to activate your salivary glands and kick-start digestion. It’s also rich in vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant – and iron, and can be used to stop the itching from insect bites.

Source: Caring.com