6 Tips for all-day energy!

By November 4, 2015Energy

Whether you’re a morning person, or need a couple of strong coffees to get you going, everyone hits an energy dip at some point in the day Download the avi file. Here are 6 sure ways to beat the slump!

Protein + Breakfast = POWER. You need protein to feel satisfied and to avoid that blood-sugar yo-yo effect! It doesn’t have to be a complicated cooked breakfast: plain yoghurt with nuts and berries, or whole-wheat toast with cheese, peanut butter or a quick egg is all you need to get going.

Sip water right through the day. Dehydration makes you feel wiped-out, and it also affects how you function. Sipping all day (instead of gulping down a few glasses at a time) means your body absorbs the water properly. Keep a glassful close at hand.

Get some sun! Dawn sunlight stimulates special cells in your eyes, which sends a wake-up call to your brain’s internal clock, so get a dose of sunlight in the morning. Sunshine at any time boosts alertness, so get outside for a few minutes during the day and recharge!

Use coffee the smart way! Drinking all your coffee first thing in the morning means the effect won’t last you through the day. On the other hand, hitting your system with caffeine late in the day will interfere with your sleep pattern! How do you find the coffee sweet spot? The best way to use coffee is to have a cup every few hours until the early afternoon, then switch to caffeine-free tea.

Walk off that slump. Save those quick trips to the shop for after you’ve had lunch or a snack. Taking a brisk walk will boost those good brain chemicals, like dopamine, and smash that slump! Moving your body will also help your brain perform better.

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Power snacks. Quality snacks that keep blood sugar steady will perk up both your brain and body! Cheese, fresh fruit, nuts, biltong or yoghurt are smart choices. Make sure you have some on hand.

So, there they are – 6 easy, low-cost tips to keep your afternoon energy levels steady. Why not go onto our FaceBook page and send us your energy-boosting tips?

Source: MSN