6 Tips for the Valentine’s of a lifetime

No one can deny the effect love has on people murder novel. We do silly things for love and we’d probably do them again if we could. It makes us feel good, takes away the hurt people feel and gives us a reason to push through tough times. We love celebrating Valentine’s Day, because it’s more than heart-shaped cards and teddy bears – it’s about healthy relationship, and living a full life.

So, in the spirit of love, why not give your love a creative, romantic gift this year? Here are some ideas:

Return to the beginning

Do you remember your first date? Take him or her to that special place where you first met to relive that sweet moment. Reflect on your time together and share your fondest memories.

Do some charity work together

Helping the less fortunate is a great way to strengthen bonds between people. In fact, there are studies that show giving back makes you happier. Take a look around the city and see if you can find a place where you and your partner can help for the day.

Plan a surprise trip

This year V-day falls on a Sunday, so why not make a weekend out of it? A quick getaway does wonders for the soul and your relationship.

Don’t skimp on the flowers!

Don’t panic if you can’t find the best rose in town! There are flowers for all occasions and the rose isn’t the only flower that represents love. Try these:

  • Calla Lily – Beauty and magnificence
  • Gardenia – Purity, sweetness and secret love
  • Lily – Refined beauty
  • Orchid – Exotic beauty
  • Tulips – Declaration of Love
  • Sunflower – Adoration and dedicated love
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Do something you both love to do

Having fun with your partner enriches both of your lives, so do something that you’ll enjoy together. It’s also the best time to try something new for both of you, so go ahead and explore them!

For the single people – Be. Someone’s. Valentine.

If you have a crush on someone, and you know they’re available, then buy them a Valentine’s card! This is your chance – take it! Not in love? Try being a “platonic Valentine” to a friend, a co-worker or neighbour. Spend the day or evening with someone you know or would like to know a little bit better. Romance is, after all, just one kind of love so why should you limit yourself to just that?

Now, go and enjoy Valentine’s Day!