7 Tips on how to manage body odour

We need to sweat 위험한 상견례 다운로드! Even though it has a bad reputation, sweating is an incredible part of your body’s design, to keep you cool, hydrate your skin and balance your body fluids and electrolytes. The problem is, it can lead to body odour. If you struggle with BO, here are some things you could try:

Good personal hygiene

The simplest and cheapest way of stopping the smell of sweat is by maintaining good personal hygiene and washing frequently. Some people can manage their body odour by washing once a day, and while others may need to bath or shower twice a day.   It is also important that the skin is dried properly to prevent bacteria from breeding.

Keep clothes fresh

Another easy way of reducing odour is to keep clothes fresh, including underwear and socks. Use a clean clothing and underwear every day and consider a pleasant smelling scented detergent and fabric softener that is suitable for your skin.

Use antiperspirant deodorant

Using an antiperspirant deodorant is very useful for keeping excessive underarm sweat to a minimum. Try different ones until you find a brand that suits your skin, whether it’s perfumed or un-perfumed.

Remove excess hair

Removing excess hair can help to reduce the areas where bacteria can breed. Trimming underarm and genital hair during the summer months can help with feeling refreshed and clean, and it means less chances for odours to develop. Shaving may damage the skin surface, resulting in little cracks that bacteria can live in, so trimming may be a better bet.

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For people who sweat more than usual due to a medica; condition, the use of Botox injection has been found to be useful in the treatment of sweating. Injected into the problem areas, Botox restricts sweat production. But this is expensive and must only be done by a medical doctor where it is really needed.


In the case of very severe sweating, when all other methods of prevention have been tried, surgery may be an option. Some specialists use a technique called a trans-thoracic sympathectomy, which has a success rate of just under 50% for underarm sweating. Through keyhole surgery, the surgeon permanently damages the nerves responsible for the sweat glands, which reduces the amount of fluid produced.

Alternative approach

Another rather radical approach would be to remove the sweat glands by using traditional surgical techniques, but pain and post-operative infections may result along with scarring.

Some doctors suggest the use of a skin patch that contains agents that help reduce the glands from producing sweat.