8 Best foods for your teeth

We’ve shared which drinks stain or weaken your teeth, so it’s time for some good news: here are 8 foods that are good for keeping your teeth white and strong. And many of them are delicious!

  1. Cheese is rich in calcium, protein and phosphorus, and these can safeguard against enamel-eating acids in your mouth. Which is why ending a meal with a bit of cheese makes sense.
  2. The herb basil isn’t just good for its fragrant taste – it has a natural antibiotic that reduces bacteria in your mouth. So, pile it into salads, make yourself some fresh pesto or just chew a leaf.
  3. Onions and shiitake mushrooms both help reduce bacteria from growing in your mouth, which is another good reason to include one, or both, in a meal.
  4. Do you need a reason to eat some fresh pineapple? It acts as a natural stain remover!
  5. We know that it’s full of vitamin D, but salmon also provides calcium, and both these nutrients are good for healthy bones and teeth.
  6. Guavas, apples and pears all help you to produce more saliva – which may sound gross, but it isn’t – it helps you to rinse those stains away. Cucumber and cauliflower, too.
  7. Did you know that green veggies full of iron (such as spinach and broccoli) help to form an acid-resistant barrier that can protect the enamel on your teeth? They do!
  8. Carrots contain vitamin A, and it isn’t just good for your eyes: it’s part of healthy tooth enamel, too.

So, whether you love cheese, fruit, herbs, vegetables, salty or sweet, there’s something toothsome on the list for you.

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Source: Care2.com