A broken heart really CAN affect your health

Going through the trauma of losing a loved one affects you mentally, physically and financially Internet Explorer certificate. Your see-saw emotions can lead to stress, which in turn can lead to a number of serious health conditions. This type of trauma can also bring on an illness in an otherwise healthy person, or aggravate an existing physical illness.

It’s been shown that grief literally makes you more susceptible to illnesses, and most commonly these include:
Infections: colds, flu and sore throats
Stomach complaints: ulcerative colitis (colon disease), which results in ulcers or open sores in the colon
Heart conditions: heart disease and Broken Heart Syndrome – this is a real condition, heart failure caused by extreme grief or stress
Cancer: your risk of developing certain cancers is higher, because your immune system is run down due to the traumatic experience
Depression: Depression is a natural part of the grieving process, however it can lead to insomnia, lack of appetite and weight loss if you don’t seek treatment for it
Lifestyle: Fatigue, mood swings, irritability, anxiety and stress resulting from extreme grief can cause impaired concentration, decision making and your physical response time to something

How does ‘heartache’ happen in your body?
The emotional pain recognition site in the brain is located near the region that senses and interprets sensations, including pain, from the stomach and other abdominal organs.

When we suffer emotionally, the brain responds by releasing neurochemicals which we experience in our body as an intense aching in our upper abdomen and lower chest.

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What about the Additional Stress of Arranging a Funeral?
Funeral arrangements add yet another incredibly challenging part to the grieving process, and while the grief wreaks havoc with your health, you’re often faced with arranging a dignified funeral for your loved one. This could bring about unexpected costs, and you need immediate access to money. Having funeral cover means you can mourn without the added financial stress.

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