A diet that’s cheap and good for you

Healthy eating can come at a hefty price. And, with the rising cost of living and food prices, it may seem impossible to eat well without breaking the bank.

Here are a few ways to make your body and wallet happy rix 모던 고딕 b 폰트 다운로드.

1. Buy in season.

Seasonal produce is cheaper, tastier, and more nutritious. Buy more than you need. Use what you can, then prep and freeze the rest.

2. Go frozen.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are inexpensive, easy to prepare, and just as wholesome as their fresh friends. They’re also available all year round, usually in large bags, and last much longer, saving you in the long run.

3. Stock up on whole foods.

Buy a block of cheese instead of shredded cheese, a whole chicken rather than pre-cut breasts, whole vegetables in place of pre-chopped varieties. Whole foods are much cheaper than those pre-packaged for convenience. With whole portions, you’re also more in control of your calorie and carb counts, as you can further make your own mini-portions.

4. Bulk it out.

Buy vegetables, fruit, meat, grains, and other staple foods in bulk. Get your friends to buy in bulk with you. Then, split the cost and divide the goods into portions. This will spare you some bucks and cut down on shopping time.

5. Choose unrefined grains.

Refined, processed grains are stripped of fibre, vitamins, and minerals, and are generally pricier. Swap white rice for brown rice, instant oats for rolled oats, and white bread for low-GI brown bread. Brown rice, for example, keeps you fuller for longer (it’s a complex carb), which means you won’t be snacking to fill that growling tummy – saving you calories and money.

6. Cans for the win.

Some canned foods are a safe and simple way to add more nutrient-dense foods to your diet. They’re cheap and can be stored safely for years in your cupboard. Read here to find out which canned foods are good for you, and which to avoid.

7. Eat less meat.

Meat is often the most expensive part of a meal. Pick one or two days in the week where you use cheap and nutritious veggie proteins like beans, lentils, and chickpeas in stead of meat.

8. Go generic.

They’re not fancy, but generic brands are as good as well-known brands. Plus, they’re easy on your pocket. Just make sure you’re getting high quality products by reading the food labels.

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9. Use coupons.

Take advantage of coupons. Just make sure you use them wisely. Most coupons are for unhealthy, processed foods. Avoid these and use the good deals to buy healthy foods and other necessities.

10. Keep those scraps.

Make the most of your produce by using vegetable leaves, peels and skins to make a broth. Wilted vegetables and bones can also be added. The broth can then be used as a base in soups and stews.

Shop smart

  • Plan your meals and snacks for the upcoming week. Planning can help you buy things you know you’re going to use, which can save you time and money.
  • Once you’ve created a plan, make a shopping list and stick to it to avoid buying what you don’t need.
  • Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry as this can lead to cravings that aren’t good for your waistline or budget. To prevent impulsive buying, have a healthy snack before you shop.
  • Shop the edges of the store. This is where you’ll typically find fresh, whole produce. The middle usually features processed, unhealthy foods. Stay away!
  • Set a price limit and use a calculator to help you keep track of your spending. This will help you stay within your budget and make healthier choices.


5 healthy foods under R30

  1. Tastic Brown Rice: it’s naturally cholesterol-free, low in fat, and a good source of fibre. Get a 1kg bag at Makro for only R21.95.
  2. Sweet potatoes: they’re packed with fibre and have a lower GI than white potatoes. Buy this healthy swap at Pick ‘n Pay for R17.99 per 1kg.
  3. FATTI’S & MONIS Wholewheat Pasta Screws: wholewheat pasta is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Enjoy the good stuff for R20.95 per 500g at Makro.
  4. Jungle Oats: it’s been called the breakfast of champs for years, and with good reason. Old-fashioned oats are rich in fibre and essential nutrients, including iron and Vitamin B. Grab a 1kg box for R27.99 at Pick ‘n Pay.
  5. Seasonal Vegetable Mix: eat your colours for a low R21.99 per 1kg bag at Pick ‘n Pay.