Active families can earn active rewards

By April 15, 2019Momentum Blog

First there was HealthReturns, a Momentum initiative that rewards active families on Momentum Health with up to R3 000 a month, just for living a healthy and active lifestyle English for a proficiency lecture. Now, we have KidsReturns, an extension of HealthReturns, but aimed at helping kids get active, and fostering their love of exercise and being active from an early age.

How many families do you know that are active together? Parkruns have helped a lot, I frequently see a family and their dog doing their 5km outing on a Saturday with gusto, but once a week should only be the starting point. Apart from the physical health benefits, there are enormous mental health benefits to be gained if you can get your family out there doing something fun and physical together – after all, that’s often the best time to chat casually about issues that may have been causing friction at home.

Momentum’s intention with KidsReturns is to start creating awareness around exercise from an early age, and to make them feel “rewarded” for having completed a bit of moderate exercise. Currently available to Momentum Health members on the Incentive, Extender and Summit Options, a qualifying family would be one where they are registered to earn HealthReturns and both parents are indeed earning HealthReturns (in fact, for kids under 16, KidsReturns are based on the activity level of the least active adult on the membership) That should be enough motivation to get the couch potatoes up and moving. For kids 16 to 21, activity is measured using the FitVault app, whether it’s a gym visit, or Parkrun or burning 300 calories in one go.

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Medical aid is often seen as something you need in case of an emergency. Modern medical aid providers can, however, give you access to complementary products that could help you improve your health, and enjoy better quality of life!

Click here to download a guide to HealthReturns, or here for a guide to activating KidsReturns.

+HealthReturns/KidsReturns are voluntary complementary products
available from Momentum. You can choose to make use of additional products
available from Momentum Group a division of MMI Group Limited (Momentum), to
seamlessly enhance your medical aid. These complementary products are not
medical scheme benefits. Momentum is not a medical scheme and is a separate
entity to Momentum Health. You can be a member of Momentum Health without
taking any of the complementary products that Momentum offers.