Almost 1 billion smokers world wide

By January 9, 2014Smoking

Here’s a scary statistic: According to the BBC, there are now an estimated 1 BILLION tobacco smokers in the world Php multiple downloads. This, despite strong worldwide awareness and anti-smoking campaigns, extensive research and new tobacco laws put in place to promote quitting and help prevent people from picking up the habit.

Researchers who compiled the data have said that the increase in the number of people who smoke is due to the earth’s rapid population growth. More people, means the habit is more likely to be adopted. According to the results, East Timor has the most smokers (61% of the population), while the Caribbean Islands, Antigua and Barbados have the least (5% of the population).

The results also show that Russia, China and Bangladesh have the highest rates of new smokers in recent years. Countries with the highest cigarette consumption include Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, China, Kuwait, the Philippines, Russia, Switzerland and Uruguay. And that’s not all; it’s estimated that globally, a staggering 6.25 trillion cigarettes were smoked in 2012.

Smoking is bad news, and there’s plenty of research and evidence to back up the facts. At Hello Doctor we’re all about preventative healthcare, and we want to help you be the healthiest you can be. If you’re a smoker, we strongly recommend you do what you can to kick the habit. Speak to your doctor to find out about the different smoking cessation programmes available.

We’ve also sourced a load of useful information for you to help you on the path to quitting smoking, so settle down and get reading!

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