Andy’s fifth week on the Tim Noakes 100 day eating plan

We check in with Hello Doctor’s CEO, Andy, to get his latest feedback on the 100 day Tim Noakes eating plan.

Andy’s just entered week 6 of the eating plan, and reckons this past week was his toughest week to date. Not because of what he was eating, but because he drank 6 days out of 7 due to a hectic social schedule that included cricket, drinks with friends, a charity golf day, the Springfield Fair, his daughter’s birthday, and cheering on the cyclists in the Cycle Tour. A busy week to say the least!

The result is that he gained 0.5 kg by the end of the week, but otherwise managed to eat according to plan.

Two new favourite recipes from the Real Meal Revolution are the buttered Brussels sprouts with bacon and crème fraiche, and the creamy simmered chicken with olives, salami and capers. In Andy’s words: “I now know that in order to make sprouts taste amazing, you need to add bacon and cream!”

We chatted to Ali, Andy’s wife, to get her weekly feedback, which we’ll be posting soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Take a look at Andy’s journey so far:

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