Andy’s latest update on the Tim Noakes’ eating plan

We catch up with Hello Doctor’s CEO, Andy Milne, to see how he’s been doing the last few weeks on the Tim Noakes’ eating plan 쿠키런 for kakao 다운로드. Here’s what he had to say.

“Since I had my 50-day blood tests done, the past couple of weeks have been quite difficult – especially with my business trip to Kenya and all of the long weekends we’ve had! On the plus side, my weight has stayed constant.

Interestingly, Sally-Ann Creed analysed my diet over a 2-week period, and picked up that there’s a lot going on that isn’t classified as proper “banting”. She’s recommended that I cut down on, or ideally eliminate:

  • Yogurt (and if weight loss is still slow then cutting out all dairy other than butter)
  • Mango, banana and pineapple – which are all high in carbs. The only fruit I should be eating is berries!
  • Cashew nuts
  • Alcohol (I had my first beer in 60 days while in Kenya and it was great – but I need to cut down on wine!)

Alcohol aside, I really thought I was doing well on this eating plan, so it just goes to show you how easy it is to lose track and eat more carbs without even realising it.

I’m also struggling to rule out double cream yoghurt for my breakfast smoothie, as I exercise most mornings and the smoothie gives me loads of energy and keeps me full till lunchtime. So, I’ll probably continue with that for now, but reduce the rest of the foods that Sally-Ann recommends and see if it makes a difference. Ideally, I’d like to lose around another 2kgs before my weight stabilises.”

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The #LCHF eating plan is incredibly popular at the moment, and one of our readers emailed to tell us about their journey on the eating plan and the difference it’s made to her life. We’ll post the blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled!