Andy’s weekly update: The Tim Noakes eating plan

As promised, here’s our weekly update from Hello Doctor’s CEO Andy, who’s in week 3 of the Tim Noakes eating plan.

We ran our questions past Andy, and here’s his feedback:

1. Have you lost any more weight or body fat?

Yes, I lost another 1kg last week, so in total I’ve lost 3kg in 3 weeks.

2. How were your energy levels last week?

Overall they are better, but last Tuesday was a problem for me. I was in Johannesburg for business and didn’t eat enough fat during the day, so I crashed late afternoon. It took 2 glasses of full cream milk to perk me up again!

3. How are your food cravings?

I’ve finally “broken” my sugar craving, which is great, but I still miss drinking beer!

4. Did you have any cheat days last week?

No cheat days, but I did eat out for dinner 3 times, and drank wine, which means I broke the 11th commandment!

5. Overall, how are you feeling at this stage of the eating plan?

Honestly, I’m feeling great, and I’m in a routine with the diet and enjoying the food and recipes. At this point, it’s all looking very positive.

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We also caught up with Ali, Andy’s wife, who told us that they went with friends to the Constantia Fresh food and wine day last Saturday at Buitenverwagting.

“We went with 6 of our friends to Constantia Fresh, where they had invited a few chefs to provide the food, and of course many of the local wine farms were invited too. The funniest thing happened when we were in a queue for the Pork Belly Burgers. 2 out of our crew of 8 are on the Tim Noakes eating plan, so when we ordered we asked for 8 burgers, 6 with rolls and 2 without. The chef, Brad Ball from Sixteen82, said to the staff: ‘8 please, with 2 Tim Noakes burgers.’ Here’s a picture of our “special” Tim Noakes Pork Belly Burgers, they were delicious!”

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