Are you shaving properly?

By September 8, 2015Skin

We all have different skin types: sensitive, oily, dry or a combination of these Zandara download. Each type reacts differently to shaving. Here are some guidelines to keep those rashes, outbreaks and ingrown hairs at bay.

Do you actually know what type of skin you have? If you’re unsure, consider paying a visit to a skin specialist, or simply a beauty therapist. Once you know, follow these tips for a smooth shave:

Sensitive skin: If shaving gives you a red, irritated skin, chances are that your skin is hypersensitive. Here are some ideas to help:

According to Gillette, you need to:

  • Prepare your face: This means you should use a facial scrub, which will make your facial hair softer.
  • Always make sure your razor blade is sharp.
  • Shave with the grain (and against it, if you want a closer shave).
  • Always use a moisturising post-shave balm that will keep razor-burn to a minimum.

If you have oily and/or acne prone skin: Growing a beard is a good way to hide acne, but most high schools will insist that you’re always clean-shaven. These tips will help you lessen the chances of irritating acne when you shave.

  • Wash your face with a facial scrub using warm water, which will soften the hairs.
  • Always use light, smooth strokes.
  • Use a moisturising aftershave lotion designed for sensitive skin (make sure it’s soap-free.)

If you have dry skin: This skin type can be caused by a number of factors such as: environmental (weather), medical conditions (eczema, psoriasis), a reaction to certain chemicals in beauty products or even cleaning products, such as fabric softener.

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Whatever the case may be, prevent a breakout of red and itchy skin by doing the following:

  • Your skin needs to be moisturised before you shave. Make sure that you always use soap-free shaving cream/gel.
  • While shaving, use gentle, smooth strokes.
  • Always make sure that your razor is sharp – this will lessen the amount of force you need to use to remove the hair.
  • It’s vital to moisturise your skin again after you have finished shaving.

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