Beating anxiety: top tips for students, from experts

Everyone feels anxious from time to time 나홀로 휴가 다운로드. For example, when you have an upcoming test or have to speak in front of a group. But when anxiety interferes with your life, sleep, productivity at work or campus, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

If you have anxiety, there is help available. Here’s some expert advice to get you started.

Use your closest resources

According to Kathariya Mokrue, a licensed psychologist in New York, if you’re struggling with anxiety, on-campus counselling centres are a good resource. On-campus counsellors or psychologists are equipped to help with specific problems that students deal with. Ask your lecturers, classmates or the student resource centre about on-campus counselling services. They are usually short term, but you could be referred to external help too. There may be long waitlists to see an on-campus counsellor but luckily, there are usually help hotlines and mental health workshops.

Forgive yourself

People with anxiety think a lot about their worries, what they’re doing wrong and how bad they’re feeling. Anxiety researcher Olivia Remes proposes that you to imagine if you had a friend who constantly pointed out everything you’re doing wrong and everything that was wrong with your life.

Chances are you’d probably want to get rid of this person right away, right? Start by being kinder with yourself and to start supporting yourself. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you think you may have made just a measly few moments ago, including mistakes made in the past.

Help others

Remes also suggests doing something with someone else in mind. This could be volunteering or sharing knowledge you gain with other people. It doesn’t mean seeking praise or even acknowledgement. Some of the benefits of being connected to people include counteracting stress and anxiety, provides a sense of purpose and makes you happy.

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Believe that anxiety is treatable

Dr Kevin Chapmin, an American clinical psychologist who specialises in evidence-based treatment for anxiety says there is hope for those with anxiety. He says anxiety doesn’t have to be “your new normal”, even though it feels that way. With proper treatment from a counsellor or psychologist, you can recover and learn coping mechanisms.

According to Dr Debra Kissen, a clinical psychologist and clinical director of The Light On Anxiety Treatment Centre in Chicago, panic disorder is one of the most treatable mental health conditions. Find a mental health professional that can help you gain relief through treatment and support. Besides campus counsellors and your doctor, The Depression and Anxiety Support Group will be able to refer you to specialists in your area.

According to SADAG, the most effective treatment is a combination of medication and therapy.

They can be contacted on (011) 783 1474/6 or 884-1797 from Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 7pm.