Beware of the midnight munchies

By Grant Wood

Are you about to crack open a sugary drink and rip open a bag of chips…at 2am Moana Movies? Stop! Take a minute to think about why you’re doing this. Late-night binging is the start of a bad cycle and is a sign that you’re eating poorly during the day. We’re here to help you stop the midnight munching.

“What’s the reason for my late-night binging?” Well, here’s a question for you: “have you eaten balanced meals throughout the day?” No. Well, there you go, you’ve got your answer – your body needs the correct food!

Why you crave junk food

Your hunger levels are at their highest at night. So, if you haven’t eaten regularly throughout the day, your body will be crying for food that will give it instant energy – carbohydrates and salty, high-calorie and high-fat food does the trick!

BUT here’s the kicker: junk food only gives your body enough calories to make your brain THINK that you’re full. Once it realises that you’re not, you eat more…and more, in an attempt to get this feeling, which makes you feel ‘good’.

This creates not only more physical harm, but emotional damage as well: you feel ashamed/guilty for eating the unhealthy food: you may even become depressed and your brain will search for a way to feel ‘good’ – junk food will, once again, fill the emotional ‘hole’. This is a cycle for disaster and needs to be stopped.

How to kill the craving

  • Eat 4-5 small meals throughout the day, rather than 3 large ones.
  • Remove all junk food from your home. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. We may be stating the obvious, but if it is, why haven’t you already done it?
  • Unsure where to start? Make an appointment with a dietitian. They will be able to help you draw up a healthy eating plan that will prevent you from craving junk food.
  • When you feel that urge to rip open a bag of cookies, find a way to distract yourself. Why not call a friend, take a walk…anything that will allow your mind to focus on something else.
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For great, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, visit our blog.

After a couple of weeks, you’re going to feel great mentally and physically and this is what you need to tell yourself. Let’s rather have a “good” night! You’re in control. The only sweets you’re going to have is sweet dreams. Sleep well.