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November 20, 2013

Mackerel and avocado wrap

Summer, sunshine and braais in sunny South Africa – what more would we want? Beautiful skins, thank you very much. Well, then we have to take care of them – you only have one. Taking care of your skin should not just be something from outside. How well you eat, is often reflected in the condition of your hair, nails and skin. Healthy food is packed with the nutrients our bodies need to look and feel great. Moderation and variation remains key and including enough healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids, plenty of antioxidants and zinc, is the answer. Despite the…
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November 19, 2013

Coping with exam stress

How Can I Help My Child? Exam time is stressful for everyone, and parents often feel helpless when it comes to helping their children manage stress and do their best in exams. Well help is here, and Dr. Russell from Hello Doctor gave some handy tips to help you, as parents, manage the next couple of months. (more…)
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Food & nutrition
November 19, 2013

A student’s guide to healthy eating

Leaving home to study is an exciting time for many young adults, and it’s often the first step towards independence and reaching their career goals. While many students travel to and from varsity every day, others don’t have that option, and live in a residence or house-share. Being away from home often means that ‘res’ students end up eating an unhealthy diet, with ready meals, 2-minute noodles and high-fat cafeteria food making up the bulk of their daily meals. (more…)
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November 18, 2013

Botox used to treat chronic migraines

A few years ago, the idea of injecting toxins from pig's meat into your face to look pretty, was largely frowned upon (no pun intended). Today, though, Botox has made its way up the ranks, and many housewives (not all desperate) book regular visits to their aesthetic practitioner for facials, peels, and the 'quick lunch-hour injection'. As more and more patients use the product with excellent results, Botox's use is dramatically being de-stigmatized. Botox and Chronic Migraines However, apart from preserving the youthful appearance of thousands of women (and men), this controvertial drug has now also been approved by the…
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