Boredom-busting traffic tips

Let’s face it, travelling to work in heavy traffic is boring. It’s hard to get enjoyment when you’re constantly switching between the clutch, brake and accelerator – not to mention if that person behind you hits the hooter every 2 minutes.

Well, we’ve come up with a number of boredom-beating ways to help you kick-start your morning and enjoy the drive.

Turn up the tunes: There’s nothing more enjoyable than listening to your favourite tracks. Music helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which can contribute to you making an impulsive decision, causing an accident.

You may also be tempted to sing-a-long – go for it! Whether it’s pop or heavy metal, sing at the top your lungs. You need to think of your car as your private space where you don’t have to worry about anything.

So, belt out that ballad! You’ll feel more alert, less stressed and you’ll feel the travel-time whizz by.

Play an audiobook: If you feel that music is going to distract you, try playing an audiobook – there are so many to choose from! Listen to that new crime thriller that you’ve always been meaning to read, but never seem to have the time.

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to learn a new language? Well, how about learning every morning on your way to work?

You’re making the same trip every morning so this will help you stay consistent. You’ll be amazed at the progress! After a few weeks, the only thing you’ll be saying about heavy traffic is, merci.

Travel with a friend: If you’re someone who enjoys a good chat in the morning, travel with a friend or colleague. It’s a great time to catch up on all the latest news that you missed.

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This is your guaranteed one-on-one time so why not make it count. Oh, you can also split the petrol cost! It’s an absolute win-win situation.

Get in your nutrition: More often than not, you’re always rushing around the house at the crack of dawn, looking for that shirt that you swore was in your cupboard – the result: you don’t have time for breakfast.

Carbohydrates and protein is essential to give you the energy you need to start your day. Why not prepare a carb and protein shake the night before, leave in the fridge overnight and drink it in the car?

Bottom line: simple, effective and time-saving – what more could you ask for?

Plan your day: If you have to juggle your day between work, fetching the kids from school and making it to that important supper with the in-laws, use this time to turn chaos into a solid plan of action.  If you do, just make sure to use a hands-free kit, with voicenotes.

Don’t text and drive!

…And there you go! You’ll never feel your eyes getting heavy again and will be ready for the day ahead.

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