Breastfeeding in public – should you cover up?

The breastfeeding debate doesn’t get resolved, it just changes Moana Movies. An incident this week saw a breast-feeding woman asked to leave a clothing store in a mall. The real debate now is whether moms should cover up while breastfeeding in public.

Let’s face it: science has more than proved that breast is best. Whether we’re talking about setting up a new-born’s digestive system for life, carrying over immunity, bonding, the correct balance of fat – take it from almost any angle, and breastfeeding is the premium nutrition source for new babies.

So, with almost no scientific room left for breastfeeding haters to move in, the next issue was where moms could (or should) breastfeed. The debate on public breastfeeding (yes or no) raged for a while, but with so many proven health benefits, no-one could really tell moms to use formula on days out with a straight face. And so the debate took a jump to the left (and the right)!

Breastfeeding in public? Cover up!

Most people can take it if moms cover up with a cloth or blanket while doing it. The loudest arguments are coming from women who feel that they shouldn’t have to cover up, and women who think they should. Here are the four key reasons each side gives:

No Cover-Up Pro Cover-Up
Babies don’t like to be fed in a sweat lodge. Moms can cover up with a light, breathable cloth.
Babies can get hungry at any time, and Mom may forget to a cover. It’s easy to remember to pack a change of clothes, a dummy, a nappy and a soft, light cloth in the baby bag.
A lot of breastfeeding cover ups are made of non-breathable fabric. Don’t use a designed cover-up – use a light, breathable fabric of your own?
Because we don’t have to. People around you don’t have to be forced to watch.
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So that’s the real debate! For now. Should moms cover up or breastfeed in the open in public places? Our take: While we champion the right of moms to breastfeed at any time or place, whether a perfectly natural act should be turned into a statement, well, the jury’s out on that. Tell us what YOU think.

Source: Mommyish