Mental & Emotional Health

January 9, 2014

Your child’s first day at school: dealing with anxiety

The first day your child goes to ‘big’ school is a memorable time for any family! Emotions are running high in parents, and children are filled with a mixture of excitement, nerves and anxiety – and who could blame them? (more…)
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Mental & Emotional Health
December 12, 2013

“Fake sign-language interpreter” claims to have schizophrenia

A small, but loud storm has erupted around one of the sign-language interpreters used at late President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service held at the FNB Stadium, Johannesburg on 11 December. During the proceedings various signers – from DeafSA, actress Marlee Matlin and others – commented on different social media platforms that they couldn't understand what he was signing, and that it didn't resemble anything anyone had ever seen. After a full day of speculation, jokes, red faces and unanswered phone calls, the sign interpreter has come forward to say that his communication breakdown on the day was due to a…
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Mental & Emotional Health
December 5, 2013

A broken heart really CAN affect your health

Going through the trauma of losing a loved one affects you mentally, physically and financially. Your see-saw emotions can lead to stress, which in turn can lead to a number of serious health conditions. This type of trauma can also bring on an illness in an otherwise healthy person, or aggravate an existing physical illness. (more…)
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November 23, 2013

Is your sweet tooth causing you stress?

Yikes! A recent study showed that over the past 50 years our consumption of chocolate has doubled – to nearly 11kg a year – and that’s not including any other sugary sweet foods we indulge in. Be honest, could this be you? Most people enjoy a little sweet treat every now and again, and we often turn to chocolate or other sweets when we’re feeling stressed or emotional – and it generally makes us feel better. Researchers disagree though, and suggest that rather than making us feel better, sugar could be making us feel more ‘panicked and wired’. They’ve also…
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November 20, 2013

Are you depressed or just under pressure?

Let’s face it, life can be pretty tough at times. Then again, no one said it was easy! Ebbs and flows are normal, but it’s how you cope with those low times that matters. For some people, the stress and pressure of daily life simply gets too much, and they start developing symptoms of depression. It’s a fine line between bona fide depression and feeling as though you might snap under pressure because of work or personal problems. Where do you fit in? (more…)
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November 19, 2013

Coping with exam stress

How Can I Help My Child? Exam time is stressful for everyone, and parents often feel helpless when it comes to helping their children manage stress and do their best in exams. Well help is here, and Dr. Russell from Hello Doctor gave some handy tips to help you, as parents, manage the next couple of months. (more…)
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