Common acne triggers

By September 5, 2014Skin

Oh no, it’s breakout season again! What’s causing all these pimples, and why is it happening to me? Almost everyone has to deal with acne and/or pimples at one stage or another, and they’re usually triggered by something specific. During your teen years it’s usually due to puberty, but if you crossed that bridge years ago then it’s most likely triggered by something else.

Wearing makeup is a ‘catch-22’ – you wear it to conceal zits, but it can also be the cause of them. We’d all prefer to hide a pestering pimple, but layering massive amounts of base onto your face isn’t going to make things better for you, especially if you forget to clean your face before going to sleep. The trick to is to cut down on the heavy makeup and to stick to your face-cleansing routine every day. If you don’t, your makeup may block your pores which could lead to a breakout.

Touching your face
If you think about it, your hands come into contact with a lot of germs every day, from lifting the toilet seat to pressing elevator buttons. With so many germs on your hands, it’s quite possible to spread them all over your face simply by touching it. And if you’re popping zits with dirty fingers, then you might be making matters worse by reintroducing bacteria into an open wound.

Your meds
Did you know that certain medications may actually be the cause of a breakout? It’s not common but it can happen. Take a look at your medicine bottle to find out what the side-effects are. You should also keep an eye out for meds that contain steroids or lithium. If it becomes bad, first speak to your doctor about alternative medication instead of taking matters into your own hands.

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Source: Women’s Health