Could you have high cholesterol? Take our quiz!

If you have a raised blood cholesterol level, you might not even know it 지아 나쁜버릇 다운로드. Often, symptoms only appear when the damage has already been done.

Do you know if you’re at risk? Take our quiz to find out!

1. Which of the following people are more likely to have high cholesterol?
a) Xolani, 21, exercises daily, doesn’t smoke and eats fairly healthily. His dad died of a heart attack at 50.
b) Enia, 56, is overweight and loves her scones with lots of cream. Enia doesn’t smoke
c) David, 45, is a healthy weight, smokes and is not a fan of fruit and vegetables
d) All of the above

The answer is D. There are different factors that play a role in high cholesterol levels including your age, being overweight, smoking and your diet. You might be thinking “Wait a minute, why would Xolani have high cholesterol – he exercises regularly, doesn’t smoke and eats healthily?” Although he is healthy and young, he has a family history of heart disease which could contribute to high cholesterol levels.

2. Which of the following symptoms could mean you have high cholesterol?
a) A headache
b) White/yellow patches around the eyes and small lumps along tendons
c) Frequent bouts of flu
d) Dark circle under the eyes

The answer is B. These raised patches around the eyes and lumps on the tendons are deposits of fat. Although not everyone with these will have High Cholesterol, it is important to check your levels. The fat deposits along tendons (especially the Achilles tendon) commonly indicate Familial High Cholesterol.

2. Some diseases are associated with High Cholesterol levels – do you know which they are?
a) Hypothyroidism
b) Kidney disease
c) Chronic liver disease
d) Diabetes
e) All of the above

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The answer is E. Sometimes your cholesterol can be elevated if you have one of these conditions

3. Some medications can increase your cholesterol levels? Which do you think could do this?
a) Some water pills (diuretics)
b) Acne meds containing Retanoic Acid- like Roaccutane
c) Beta-blockers (used to treat high blood pressure)
d) Long term steroid use
e) All of the above

The answer is E. If you’re taking any medication, always make sure you know understand the possible side effects

4. Which of the following statements about cholesterol is TRUE?
a) Menopause lowers your risk of high cholesterol
b) High cholesterol can be controlled by only eating healthily
c) High cholesterol only affects older people
d) Having high cholesterol increased your risk for heart disease

The answer is D. If you’re a woman, you’re at a higher risk of abnormal cholesterol levels after menopause. High cholesterol is influenced by many other factors and diet alone will not control your levels. Anyone can have high cholesterol – a major factor is FAMILY HISTORY- and much of the damage to your arteries is done while you are young and unaware that you have a raised cholesterol level.

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