Do you really need to use mouthwash?

Yes! The benefits of gargling with mouthwash go far beyond simply masking morning-breath, or rinsing your mouth out after brushing. That minty-fresh finish to your morning ritual fights off germs in hard to reach places, helps dislodge any food particles you might have missed while brushing, and the fluoride helps strengthen teeth. Basically, it has a trifecta of benefits!

Of course, simply rinsing your mouth with mouthwash doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) replace brushing and flossing – but it does up the ante on your overall oral hygiene.

What’s the best mouth wash for me?

When it comes to choosing the right mouthwash, you have a few options. Some claim to whiten teeth and others claim to have anti-bacterial properties. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is whether the one you use is alcohol-free or not. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol, which explains why they “sting” your mouth so much. If you can’t handle the sting, or would prefer one without alcohol, then look out for brands at are alcohol-free.

And if you’re wondering if mouthwash is safe for your children to use – if they’re under the age of 6 then give it a miss. The reason being that young children often can’t help swallowing it.

The bottom line? Make mouthwash the third part of your oral hygiene routine, after brushing and flossing. It not only helps strengthen teeth, but it also helps eliminate bad breath. So, give it a swirl!

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