Do your kids drink water?

Kids are getting more milk-tooth cavities, and the enamel-wearing acid in fruit, fruit juice and smoothies may be a key cause. There’s a simple answer: let’s get kids used to drinking water again.

Aside from helping to prevent constipation and bladder infections and keeping teeth intact, water helps regulate body temperature. But what if your child doesn’t like water? Here are some ways to get it back on the menu.

  • Make it the first thing you offer when your child is thirsty, keep water around
  • Use special bottles, straws or cups to make water fantastic
  • Let your little one see you drinking water
  • Leave a sippy-cup with water where your thirsty toddler can reach it
  • Limit the options down to water, milk and diluted juice at certain times of the day

Kids don’t only get their water from drinking it

Foods like fresh fruit and veggies contain water too, but remember that their juices attack tooth enamel. So rather serve fruit whole instead of fruit juice, and get the kids to drink a bit of water afterwards to neutralise acids and sugars.

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