Don’t become a statistic: World Stroke Day

By October 29, 2014Stroke

Today is World Stroke Day, not that we need a special day to talk about a condition that hits approximately 240 South Africans every day.

Taking yourself out of harm’s way

Imagine it: roughly, 10 people will suffer a stroke every hour! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Some truly simple lifestyle changes can go a long way to taking you right off the stroke statistic grid, and you can find these stroke-busting strategies here. The earlier you start, the better, but these easy lifestyle tweaks will benefit anyone.

How to recognise stroke

We’re not content to leave it there, though. Here is a step-by-step stroke symptom checker for you to save on your phone, or print out and stick on the fridge: knowing how to recognise stroke symptoms, and what to do, could save someone’s life.

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