Don’t drive over the Easter Bunny!

The season of chocolate bunnies and long weekends is coming at us at high speed. Can you believe it’s Easter already? Fun times await us, and to make sure that feel good chocolatey love carries on, we thought it’s time to give you some advice.

Over the years, the festive seasons have always been a lightning rod for road accidents, but we don’t want that this year. Would you rather sit with your family and hunt Easter eggs or wake up in an emergency ward? It’s a no-brainer.

Preventing car accidents

Getting behind the wheel isn’t always a thrill. We get so used to driving that it doesn’t even register as something that can be dangerous. Have you ever gotten into your car, driven home, and then couldn’t really recall how you got there? And that’s when accidents happen, when we’re not paying attention. Imagine this: you’re driving in the car and the kids at the back are making a noise, and no matter what you say, they will not pipe down. So you turn around for one second to give them “the look” and when you look at the road again, you’ve already hit someone. One misplaced second is all it takes. However, here’s how you can make your Easter, a safer one.

  1. Is your car roadworthy? We’re sure you won’t drive an illegal car, but it’s a good idea to check that your car is roadworthy, regularly.
  2. Long days at work can be exhausting, but it’s never a good idea to drive while you’re drowsy. If you’re feeling a little sleepy, catch the bus or take a power nap before you drive. In fact, driving while you’re sleepy, is the same as driving drunk!
  3. “Don’t drink and drive, arrive alive!” It’s the slogan of SA’s very own popular anti-drinking & driving campaign. It’s a bit harsh, but it’s true. Drinking can affect your driving, so if you plan to have some alcohol, make sure you arrange for someone sober to drive you home.
  4. It’s hard to stop texting a friend when they’re telling you a juicy story, but sometimes a story just isn’t worth it. We know it’s not easy to let go of technology, we struggle to do that sometimes, but a text isn’t worth your life.
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So stay safe on the roads this weekend! Maybe you’ll make it home in time to see the Easter Bunny hop away.