Don’t keep your life on your phone!

“Oh no Ripper! I’ve dropped my phone in the bath/pool/toilet – can everybody I know please send me their numbers?!” You’ve had to send out that email or Facebook post at some time – it happens to everyone. The big thing is to make sure it doesn’t ever happen again!

Prevention is better than cure. This saying goes beyond our physical health: do you keep your life backed up? It’s a habit that not enough of us stick to – especially when it comes to our mobile devices.

Keeping all your information eggs in one basket

Having a phone really is like having a home entertainment centre, office and personal assistant on hand 24/7. It’s so easy to store absolutely ALL your vital information on one device. But it only takes your phone getting lost, stolen or ruined, for you to end up stranded without your important information. So, here are some simple tips to keep you in the loop, no matter what.

If you’re comfortable in the cloud

For you it’s easy to keep track of important dates because you’re getting reminders from Facebook or LinkedIn. But what about those really important numbers that you haven’t memorised? We’re thinking: your accountant, paediatrician, dentist, or even your hair salon!

  • Keep your contacts downloaded on an email list – all of them.
  • Sign-up for a cloud service, if you can, so you can retrieve them easily.
  • Make sure to back-up your information regularly. This should be a habit, like brushing teeth and doing exercise.

If you’re not a cloud person, then this is for you

  • Keep your first contacts for any emergency on a card in your bag or wallet – and make sure that the kids have one too.
  • Keep an email list or a phone diary with all your contacts updated.
  • Lastly, keep a back-up birthday list or a hard copy birthday book at home in case you lose your phone and end up forgetting all those important birthdays.
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This way, you’ll never forget an anniversary and end up tweeting on your new smart phone from #DogBox!

Joanne Hart for