Don’t let back pain affect your sex-life

By October 21, 2014Back Pain

Suffering from lower back pain Minecraft 1.14.4 Shader? If you do, then it’s understandable that you’ll try your best to avoid being intimate with your partner for fear of igniting pain instead of passion. However, chronic backache doesn’t need to be the end of your sex life. With a few changes to your positions and pace, intimacy is possible and mutually satisfying.

First off, it’s vitally important to communicate your discomfort and concerns to your partner. When one partner appears to want less sex than before without discussing this, the other partner may be confused, hurt or even suspicious. Put it out in the open and work on the solution together.

Don’t rush. Plan your sexual encounter with your partner so that you have all the time in the world. Enjoy what you are doing. Maybe you were never too much into foreplay. If so, now is your chance now to explore that part of lovemaking and get to know your partner in a new, sensual way. Prepare well for sex – as in any exercise, warm muscles perform better and feel less painful. A hot shower and a massage can be incorporated into your foreplay. You may even want to take an analgesic 30 minutes ahead of your planned session.

Backache sufferers generally fall into one of two groups. If you experience back pain mostly when bending forwards, as is common in those with disc problems, then you are likely to be more comfortable on your back. Place a pillow under the arch of your back for support and under your knees too, if needed. Others have back pain which is precipitated by leaning backwards, such as in arthritis or spinal stenosis, and relieved by leaning forward. If you find yourself in this group, you may find the side by side position works best. The man would then enter his partner from behind, the “spooning” position. Some will find it more comfortable to have sex whilst seated in a chair, with your partner straddling you. Be open to experimentation to see what works. Have fun!

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Source: Dr Leigh Holloway