Don’t let cold sores get you down this winter

Cold sores are ugly and not your friend Php multiple downloads! But you already knew this! How are you covering them up? Scarves? A plaster? Lots of base? When you see a cold sore, it is war! But it’s not exactly a battle you can win. So what should you do?

Don’t touch me on my lips!

Where do you often see a cold sore? On the mouth! So if you see one on another person, stay away from it. If someone has a cold sore don’t kiss them. If you have the cold sore, don’t pick on it! The virus that causes cold sores spreads easily, and by touching it all the time, you’re also spreading it around.

A sore for life

Unfortunately, once you have the virus, you’re stuck with it for life. It doesn’t mean you’ll have a constant cold sore, it just means you’ll more than likely get them in the future. They are particularly common when people get colds and flu, which means there are a few flare-ups in winter. So stock up on some anti-virals to keep those pesky colds at bay.

Treating the problem

Although you can’t completely get rid of the virus, there are some treatments that could help. You can find most of them at your local pharmacy. The silver lining in a cold sore is that they are SO common, your pharmacist will be able to give you a couple of treatment options. In most cases, you’ll get an ointment that you apply to the sore. This will speed up the recovery quite a bit. However, if you’re a little under budget this month, don’t fret. Your body will still deal with the sore on its own.

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Preventing another cold sore

Just like some exes, you can’t avoid a cold sore forever. Sooner or later they are going to show up, especially when you least expect it.

However, you can lower your chances of developing them by following a few simple rules:

  1. Always use lip-balm and sunscreen, but not someone else’s!
  2. Don’t share any razorblades
  3. Don’t share any eating or cooking utensils
  4. Wash your hands regularly
  5. Avoid touching your face, especially your mouth and eyes
  6. Avoid stress or stressful situations
  7. Avoid contact with sick people

I’ve never had a cold sore before

So what if you’ve never had the virus before? Well, get checked first! It is possible for you to have the virus in your system, even if you don’t have the symptoms of cold sores. If you really are free from the herpes virus, then you’ll need to know how to keep it that way.

  1. Don’t touch anyone with the a cold sore
  2. Don’t share any cutlery or crockery
  3. Don’t share razor blades

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