Eat, play, work!

Think about it: where do you spend most of your day 오피스 평가판 다운로드? At work. Wouldn’t it be great if your office life was actually making your life better, in every way?

What happens at our offices?

At the Hello Doctor offices, you’ll often find someone sitting on a big blue stability ball, or using a standing lectern instead of sitting at a desk. No, it’s not because we’re trendy!

Because our whole business revolves around preventative health. It’s all about living what we preach, both at the office and at home.

Take me, for instance: even though you won’t find me on a bicycle very often, I love to walk – and I walk everywhere, all the time.

  • Peek into our office kitchen and lunch area: you’re free to dine on flat white carbs and trans-fats, but with everyone else eating such delicious and healthy food, take-out loses its appeal.
  • As for lying around on the couch at home, it seems a bit pale when your colleagues are doing 50km bike rides, 10k runs or an hour of gym every morning!
  • When the waves are right, you’ll find some Hello Doctor people heading out for a surf after work. This year at least three of our doctors are braving the Argus cycle race. Maybe next year more of our colleagues will do it!
  • Let’s walk around and see what’s on the desks: snacks are usually nuts, biltong or fruit, and people are drinking a lot of water. Sure, you’ll see chocolate, or hear someone opening a soda, but it’s the exception, not the norm. And it’s not because anyone is giving anyone trouble, it’s just our culture.
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Kickstart your own healthy office culture!

Here’s how:

Make sure the food area has enough fridge-space to store fresh foods. People won’t bring in healthy lunches just to watch them go stale on their desks.

Tell your colleagues if you’re doing a race – or even better, get them to join you! It makes for a great team-building activity. If someone runs the Comrades or rides the Argus, give the office feedback on how they did.

Print out HelloDoctor’s infographics for healthy living, and decorate your office with positive information about healthy lifestyle changes. But don’t roll out guilt and judgement – nothing makes for more secret eating than that!

Some friendly competition doesn’t hurt!

  • Who is sticking to their training plan?
  • Who has managed to kick the smoking habit?
  • Who is actually using that gym membership?

Remember, while these may be very personal goals, we’re all socially-wired. So, get people to motivate each other, and support one another. Tweak the office kitchen-space and set up some friendly competition.

Turn your work-space into a healthy playground for everyone!