Eat well during pregnancy

By October 5, 2015Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, and while it’s important to embrace these changes and relax as much as you can before the new addition arrives, it’s also important to eat correctly and maintain a healthy weight by doing gentle to moderate exercise dwg trueview 2018.

One of your priorities while you’re pregnant is to ensure that your baby gets the nutrients it needs for healthy development. A deficiency in vitamins and minerals means that your body starts drawing on reserves, which could leave you feeling fatigued and prone to illness. With that in mind, these are the top foods you should aim to include in your pregnancy diet, which will help ensure a healthy baby and a healthy you.

1. Soy
– packed full of protein, soy is a versatile food source and is commonly eaten in the form of soy beans, soy mince and soy milk.
2. Beans – Beans are considered a ‘super food’ as they provide a concentrated source of fibre, protein, folic acid, zinc, iron and calcium.
3. Oily fish: Salmon, mackerel and sardines are a top source of the omega fatty acids and essential proteins needed for healthy foetal development.
4. Sweet potatoes: Cheap and nutritious – they contain Vitamin C and folic acid and are high in fibre too.
5. Whole grains: Such as popcorn (without the salt and butter!), barley, oats and seed breads provide necessary rare vitamins, minerals and fibre.
6. Dark leafy green vegetables: Spinach and cabbage are versatile vegetables and provide your baby with Vitamins A, C and K – which are necessary for healthy eye development.
7. Lean meats: Such as beef, chicken and turkey are packed with protein and choline, which is vital for your baby’s brain cell development.
8. Walnuts: As a rare source of Omega 3, walnuts contain the essential fatty acids needed for healthy brain development.
9. Greek yoghurt: A top source of calcium for healthy bone development, this ‘thick’ yogurt is available in all grocery stores.
10. Eggs – Another valuable source of choline and protein, eggs provide vegetarians with a suitable alternative for these vitamins.

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