How do I register for Hello Doctor’s service?

The best way to register is to first download the Hello Doctor app to your mobile phone or device. Once you’ve successfully installed the app, open it and complete the quick registration process.

How do I subscribe to the Hello Doctor services?

Go to and click “Subscribe”. You can then enter a few key details and your payment information. Once completed, you will receive an sms/email with your username and password which you can use to log into the app.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in at and click on the MY ACCOUNT tab. You can then click the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.

How do I download the app?

To download the app, login to your mobile app store and search for the new Hello Doctor app. The download is free. You can also visit and click on the app store links.

How do I login?

There are 2 easy ways to activate Hello Doctor:

Option 1: Download the Hello Doctor app from your app store (Free download). Once you’ve downloaded the app enter the username and password sent to you by Hello Doctor after your registration, or one of our partners if you have a policy with them.

Option 2: Visit the Hello Doctor Website at and login using the username and password sent to you by Hello Doctor.

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

If you forget your username or password, simply click the “Forgot password” button on the homepage and enter in your cellphone number. If you are registered already, we’ll sms you your username. If you’re not sure, please call Hello Doctor on 087 230 0002 so we can get you back online. When you call you’ll need to provide us with a few personal details and answer some security questions before we can give you a new username or password.

How can I contact Hello Doctor?

If you have any questions about your subscription or signing up, you can contact Hello Doctor by calling 087 230 0002. You can also send an email to: [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

How do I use 'Text-a-Doctor'?

With “Text-a-Doctor” you have confidential one-to-one text chats with a registered doctor who will respond to your health question within 1 hour of the request being submitted.

Once you’ve logged in, you can access your benefits by clicking on “Text a Doctor” tab on the screen. Complete the short form, submit your question and a doctor will respond to you within 1 hour.

How do I use 'Talk-to-a-doctor'?

Every chat is completely private and confidential, so feel free to ask them anything you like, and the best part is, they’ll call you! No need to use your airtime.

To log a call, just click on the “Talk to a doctor” button at the bottom of the screen. Add your telephone number, or cellphone number in the block provided, and enter a brief description of query. Click submit, and the doctor will call you within the hour. Remember to keep your phone close, and take it off silent mode, so you don’t miss the call!

What if I don't have a smart phone and want to use the USSD string?

Just dial the Hello Doctor USSD number, *120*1019#.

You will arrive at the menu, and then just click reply and select “2” if you would like to talk to a doctor, or “3” if you would like to text a doctor. Requesting to talk to a doctor will immediately log your call and a doctor will call YOU in an hour. If you would prefer to text, dial “3” and follow the prompts. Remember to stick to the character limit! A doctor will sms you your response straight to your phone. You can then send a follow up sms with more questions as many times as you like, until you get your question answered.

Can I choose to speak to a male or female doctor?

Unfortunately you can’t choose whether you want to speak to a male or female doctor. However, please remember that all of our doctors are registered medical professionals, and anything you discuss with them is private and confidential.