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By October 22, 2016Ageing

Creams, lotions, potions, surgery and a million other beautifiers work hard to keep us younger as we get older stardict Dictionary. But, as research has long pointed out, smart living (that is, a holistic approach to ageing) will do much more for your health – and the way you look! Here are a few tips to look great forever.

The Big H2O Water will help preserve your skin more in the long run than any moisturising miracle-worker. Staying hydrated is essential to reduce the effects of skin ageing – makes sense when you realise that our skin is where ageing first shows up. Dehydrated skin is dry and leathery; not the most attractive look. Drink more water than cooldrinks and juices and where possible, and eat foods like cucumbers, oranges, watermelon and tomatoes, which have a high water content.


Optimise your Omegas Omegas or fish oils have been hyped for good reason. With a whole slew of benefits from lowering blood pressure to combating depression and joint pain, Omega 3 in particular is a fantastic helper in the fight against age.


Stop smoking With all the known nasties that smoking causes, do you really need another reason to give up? It’s even more harmful as you get older as smoking breaks down your skin’s collagen, which causes premature wrinkles.


Fit freak Exercise: it cannot be avoided. No-one ever lost weight by sitting on the couch watching reruns of Friends. Exercise is essential in maintaining the body beautiful. There’s just so many perks! Not only can a quick bout of exercise boost your mood, but just 30 minutes of cardio four to give times a week can keep your weight in check.


Kick the sugar habit Sure we all love a little sweet treat now and then, but processed sugar is an evil little thing, leading to an eventual weakening of collagen in the skin, premature wrinkles and sagging.


Skip the sun Nothing will age you faster than sunspots and wrinkles. The sun is a beautiful thing and Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for a health body. But according to the Cancer Association of South Africa, SA has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. And the bare truth is that ALL skin types; pale, dark, and medium need sunblock. Never leave the house without applying!

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Positive Penny The case for positive thinking isn’t new. Books like The Law of Attraction and The Secret suggest that there’s power in optimising your thoughts in an optimistic light. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it,” goes the saying. A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a few years ago revealed that as the older generation defy age and get to grips with technology, knowledge and resources that may have traditionally been deemed too young, they are fulfilling the notion that “you’re only as old as you feel.”


Brain training A study at Harvard University found that brain activities stimulate new connections between nerve cells – in effect, possibly generating new cells and building up a reserve fund against cell loss in the future. Stimulate your brain with regular “mental gymnastics” – learn a new language, do word puzzles and maths problems, and experiment with crafts.


Keep calm and stay young. One of the best things you can do in your quest to help your body fight ageing is to breathe, breathe, and breathe. Relaxation is key in stopping your brain, body and soul from ageing prematurely. Doctors have ascertained that stress is a bad idea for brain cells and can impede learning, memory and the quality of human life.


LOLZ! That’s right, laugh it off. Any activity that stimulates the feel-good chemical, dopamine puts us on the right track for a healthy, happy, long life!


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