First aid for One-Direction-Fan parents

She’s Whatsapping all her friends and is crying too much to even eat dinner Pixel liquidation download. Zayn Malik’s left One Direction and it’s the end. The End!!

You know it isn’t the end, but how do you get this across to your tear-stained 12-year-old suffering from virtual heart-break?

1. Appeal to her heart

Tell her you understand why she’s sad, and even how sad she is. Give her a comparison – we all went through it sometime or another. She needs to feel understood. Ask her: ”How do you think Zayn feels? Why do you think he made this decision?” And then explain it to her: it’s been five years. There’s no taking a holiday from fame, so maybe he needs a break for himself. If we care about him, can’t we give him that?

2. Appeal to her brain

Remind her that Zayn may be going on to become a super-star in his own right – think Justin Timberlake after ‘N Sync, or Robbie Williams after Take That. If it happens, she can see more of him, in his own solo-performances!

3. Appeal to her honour

If she’s one of the kids with a ticket to the show, tell her that the rest of One Direction need their fan support right now – being a man down has to affect them too!

4. Tell her the truth

You love her, the sun will still come up tomorrow, and everything is really going to be alright.

Sometimes Parents can be the Heroes!

Our teens are irrational. They’re emotional. They have serious and intense ideas about silly things, and silly ideas about serious things. Our best role is to NOT tell them this, but rather to allow them this space. All she needs is a place she feels loved, supported and understood, while her hormones wage war to get her to adulthood.

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You can be that for her!