First-class 10min combo workouts

Travelling for business is demanding: the constant flights to multiple cities (sometimes in a single day) isn’t ideal for your overall health, to say the least latest 3dp chip.

If your 3 meals per day are courtesy of the airline or fast food joints, you aren’t going to get all the nutrients you need – and the result: lack of energy, tiredness and loss of muscle tone!

If you’ve had to loosen your belt when getting dressed, that’s the first red flag – your lifestyle needs to change!

“I don’t have any time to exercise”

Now, you’ll never make that excuse again! These workouts will build, tone and burn fat in just 10 minutes and you don’t need any equipment to do them!

You can mix and match these exercises every day to form an effective workout! Don’t believe us? Take a look:


A tight, toned core gives you stability and will help you with all the other exercises. With enough work, you’ll uncover your 6-pack!

The stomach vacuum: Strange name, but the stomach vacuum is really going to test your core strength! Stand up, take a deep breath in…tense up your gut as much as possible while you let all the air out and hold for 30 seconds. It’s going to hurt a bit, but that means it’s working. Do this 3 times per day.


Toned forearms provide you with more power to increase intensity and toned biceps and triceps will make you feel even more confident than your custom-made suit.

For your triceps – Old-school dips: You can use a chair in your hotel room. Put your hands on the edge of the seat, with your arms straight.

Put your feet just less than shoulder-width apart and make sure your bum is in front of the seat. Lower yourself until your elbows are parallel to the floor and repeat.

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For your biceps – The push-up actually works the biceps as well.

You should perform the push-up more slowly and when your arms are straight, hold the position until you feel your biceps taking strain and you begin feeling a burning sensation – this known as the ‘pump’.


Best exercise: The classic push-up. Some experts have said that they believe the push-up is better than the bench-press to strengthen the chest!

  • If push-ups are new for you, you can start on your knees, but you must make the goal to be able to get your legs straight.
  • Now, push your body weight off the ground until your arms are straight.
  • Make sure that you also pull in your stomach to further tighten your core as you do the push-up. 3 sets will be enough to get the blood pumping to your chest.


Best exercise: Body weight resistance squat: Simple and effective.

  • Lean against a wall of your hotel room, with your legs straight and upper legs parallel to the floor.
  • Now, slide your back down the wall without moving your legs. When you feel the ‘pull’ slide up and repeat.

Check your watch: you still have 50 minutes before you have to leave for your meeting!

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